Julie Ellison, Director of “Imagining Michigan”

An unprecedented number of collaborating organizations, including North Central Michigan College, produced an event that drew record audiences and strong citizen support…

Jim Kanine, Principal at St. Francis Xavier School, Petoskey

I certainly enjoy this time of year because of what (the Festival) does for our community and Northern Michigan. To have this Festival in Petoskey is a stunning accomplishment. Sometimes, we just don’t realize how truly blessed we are. The experts that have come and still come to Petoskey are simply astonishing to me. If someone had told me that this would be a reality in Petoskey, I would have never believed it. It could happen on a “small scale,” but certainly not on the grandest of scales.

Dr. Chris Mitchell, past director Marion E. Wade Center, Wheaton College

The C. S. Lewis Festival has become one of the annual highlights of my year. I find its unique blend of intellectual stimulation, spiritual nourishment, and easy-going fellowship something I look forward to every autumn in a spectacular part of the country.

Dr. Michael Ward, past resident The Kilns; English literary critic & theologian

The C. S. Lewis Festival is a model for how such festivals ought to be run. It’s like a great banquet, containing academic meat to chew on, arts of different kinds (musical, pictorial, dance) that make the heart glad like a good wine, and it goes on for a delightfully long time (stretching over a whole month). The dishes are sometimes local (the community and school aspect of the Festival is one of its best courses) and sometimes more exotic (involving visiting speakers and international guests). Friendly, varied, stimulating: what more could you ask for?