We make C.S. Lewis come to Life...and have since 2002

St. Michael Academy Hosts Its Second Annual C.S. Lewis Festival High School Essay Contest and Awards Ceremony


PETOSKEY – October 27, 2020 – St. Michael Academy (SMA), Northern Michigan’s only Classical Catholic high school, is pleased to announce the results of its Second Annual C.S. Lewis Festival High School Essay Contest and Awards Ceremony, held last Wednesday at SMA.


This year, SMA students read and crafted essays on C.S. Lewis’ masterpiece, The Screwtape Letters.  At Wednesday’s event, each of four finalists presented their essays, then took questions and engaged in discussion with the audience.  The winner, William Gagnon, earned a $300 scholarship.  Other finalists, including runner-up River Pease, Catherine Hayes, and Macartan Moore, also earned scholarships.  All finalists also received a set of books written by C.S. Lewis.


The event can be viewed in its entirety at https://stmichaelupnorth.org.


“Once again,” observed Festival Co-Founder David Crouse, “we were privileged to judge the fine essays from these exceptional young scholars from St. Michael Academy.  And we look forward to participating again next year, in what is becoming an exciting new tradition for both organizations.  SMA’s students were so well prepared, and each exhibited a craft in writing seldom seen in high school these days.”


SMA Headmaster Richard Brake added, “I was so proud of our students this year as they regaled us with scholarly presentations worthy of a college symposium.  They certainly deserve being a part of the Virtual Conference, and we thank the Festival for allowing us to take part in such an outstanding academic forum.  We look forward to next year when, God-willing, we can once again participate in their live conference.”


Informed by a significant and growing body of supporting research, SMA is committed to remaining open for on-site learning and formation, whenever possible, five days per week.


For more information , please visit the SMA website at https://stmichaelupnorth.org or contact Dr. Brake at drbrake@stmichaelpetoskey.org.


Established in 2013, St. Michael Academy is the first Catholic high school in the Little Traverse area since 1972, and the region’s only Classical high school.  SMA strives to develop the next generation of American leaders by promoting a culture of excellence and instilling its students with the classical virtues of wisdom, temperance, courage, and justice, along with the Christian virtues of faith, hope, and love.