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Congratulations to our Teen Poetry Contest Winners!

Congratulations to the three winners of the 2018 Teen Poetry Contest, a program of the Petoskey District Library and the C. S. Lewis Festival. Read the winning poems!

“Cosmic Ball” by Grace Broz

“Underneath the Black Veil” by Selena Gorman

“Struggling with the darkness” by Lilah Laninga

Cosmic Ball

by Grace Broz

Up and in the lofty sky,

The majesties unseen by mortal eye,

Hosted a grand ball up above,

A night for trouble, drama, love.

The tables were set with a royal array,

With wealth and might on display.

The ladies of honor donned splendid dress,

And the Lords of the cosmos were ready to impress.

The guest of honor would soon be in sight,

The brightest in the galaxy on this magical night.

Love would unfold, and secrets revealed,

Like the opening of scroll, otherwise sealed.


But little did the cosmic guests know,

This wasn’t only a night of enjoyment for them to go!

But Mars had set a horrid trap that night,

To capture all the cosmos’ light.

Did the galaxy remain at the end of the night?

Did Mars succeed in his thievery of light?

Did he use the trap he set?

“How,” you plead,” how did it end?”

The better question is “How did it start”

But even I don’t know the answer, for no one has arrived yet.

Underneath the Black Veil

by Selena Gorman

When you look up at the night sky,

What do you see?

You might see something special, like a million stars,

Or one alone.

Although, if you’re really clever,

Your eyes will uncover the dark black veil,

And reveal thousands of universes,

The nebula,

And the planets.

The beauty will blind you, if you’re not careful,

It might be too much to take in at one glance,

But if you take a moment,

To rest your eyes,

Your mind will sort out the mixed colors,

Into thousands of universes,

The nebula,

And the planets

Feast your eyes upon the sight,

This is your only chance to see true light,

And true life, and color, and love,

And magic.

But now it’s over,

You have seen the beautiful sight,

The night sky will take over once again,

So lay back in your bed,

Shut your eyes,

See again what you saw once more,

And forget.

Struggling with the darkness

by Lilah Laninga

Struggling through the darkness

Trying to watch what’s in front of you while looking behind you

Running as fast as you can

Trying to get away from what was while carrying what is


Deeper into her consciousness

She’s floating!

She almost yelled it

Watching her struggle

About as real as ever

Making jokes about others faults

Unaware of everything that isn’t yourself

Why, why, why

No one deserves that, especially not her

Then nothing but her

Nothing but herself, and others

The cosmos is about as greedy as her

The galaxy is as bright as her ego

The stars wish upon her

Not the other way around

She is a god

Above all

Only her


Nobody else

She is all

She is all and she is dying