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Q: Is the Lewis Festival a “Christian” Festival?

Posted on June 19th, 2017

A: In an effort to bring about the broadest possible collaboration, the festival seeks to partner with anyone who wishes to join in our stated mission. Some will participate in festival events because of Lewis’s ability to articulate issues of faith, others because of Lewis’s amazing literary talents. The collaboration that is the C. S. Lewis Festival is big enough to encompass all of these motivations. Because of Lewis’s Christian views, and because of the collaborative nature of the festival, some events of the festival will include speakers and activities that celebrate Lewis’s Christian worldview. At the same time, other events and activities will not emphasize this aspect of Lewis. The nature of each event will be self-evident in the title, venue, and/or description of that event. In this way the C. S. Lewis Festival hopes to be a place where positive dialogue can take place between a broad spectrum of collaborative partners.


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