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To Narnia and the North!

The Northern Michigan C. S. Lewis Festival welcomes you to our annual celebration of the life and works of the man who created Narnia. Taking place during October and November in the Petoskey, Michigan area on Little Traverse Bay, events including music and theater performances, school and library programs, scholarly lectures, community discussion groups, and more.

C. S. Lewis Festival 2016 – The Surprising Imagination of C.S. Lewis

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Keynote Address: “C. S. Lewis and the Life of the Imagination: Opening More than Wardrobe Doors” with Jerry Root

Jerry Root

While there are books of 73 titles bearing C. S. Lewis’s name, books written in 11 literary genres, nevertheless, Lewis is, among some, most known for his Narnian Chronicles. Out of his imagination he created a world of rational, talking beasts that inhabit a land sovereignly ruled by a lion named Aslan. In that world children from England make passage into a world of wonder through a wardrobe door. But, to seriously read Lewis is to discover he opens more than wardrobe doors and this he does through the imagination. In fact, any attempt to grow in understanding in any subject from science to theology, from the social sciences to the humanities, will require use of the imagination. This keynote address will explore Lewis’s ideas variously developed and applied in the hopes that those who attend the will benefit deeply even after leaving the lecture.

Join us Friday, October 21 at 7:30 pm.

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