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Lewis Festival Scholar Series Season 2
The C.S. Lewis Festival is pleased to announce the premiere of season two of the Lewis Festival Scholar Series. This season invites the audience to learn from the wisdom of renowned scholars Malcolm Guite and Michael Ward. Listen to this free podcast series on your preferred podcast platform or by going to cslewisfestival.org.
Episode One Premieres April 16, 2021
Lewis and Dante and their common thread and why Lewis was a life-long reader of Dante’s with renowned poet and author, Rev. Dr. Malcolm Guite.
Episode Two Premieres April 23, 2021
Lewis’s masterpiece, The Chronicles of Narnia, and why it’s considered the greatest children’s fantasy series of the 20thcentury by Lewis Scholar and best-selling author, Rev. Dr. Michael Ward.
Episode Three Premieres April 30th, 2021
How Dante Influenced renowned poets including Chaucer, Milton, Shelly, T.S. Elliot, and C.S. Lewis in a revealing talk by Rev. Dr. Malcolm Guite.
Episode Four Premieres May 7th, 2021
Lewis Scholar, Rev. Dr. Michael Ward presents his discovery that the Narnia books are secretly patterned according to the imagery of the 7 heavens.
Episode Five Premieres May 14th, 2021
Film producer and podcast host, David Crouse, in a free ranging interview with renowned British poet and author Malcolm Guite. Included is Malcolm’s personal reflection on C.S. Lewis, Grateful Dead founder, Jerry Garcia, Dante, Keats & Shelly, John Lennon, and Paul McCartney.