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Dr. Andrew Cuneo

Dr. Andrew Cuneo was born in the “green and pleasant” land of Wilton, Connecticut, where he lived until attending Stanford University 3000 miles away. It was there that he met his future wife, Erika. He graduated from Stanford with a B.A. in English and then traveled to England to complete an M.Phil. in English Renaissance Literature at the University of Oxford. Before completing graduate studies, he assisted Walter Hooper with research on the unpublished letters of C. S. Lewis, a subject which then became the focus of his doctorate at Oxford. The University awarded him his D.Phil. in English in 2001, making him the first Oxford scholar ever to receive a doctoral degree on C. S. Lewis.

He was the Oxford University C. S. Lewis Society President from 1995-1999 and arranged the CSL Commemorative Lecture Series in 1998 at Regent’s Park College, Oxford.

Dr. Cuneo lives in Hillsdale, Michigan, where he teaches English Literature at Hillsdale College. A generalist in British literature, a gardener in his free time, and an admirer of the Inklings, Dr. Cuneo also has three young daughters: Lucy, Bridget, and Emma.